Skate-bass (skate-neck): Guitars with recycled Skateboars ¨longboard¨ necks offer good stability thanks to their multi-laminated style of Maple wood for tonal use. The guitars have a body made with standard materials such as Alder, Ash, Mahagony woods, or special customer requests. The Fretboard (Fingerboard) is also made from standard materials such as rosewood, maple, ebony, or custom materials such as Marblewood, Purlple Hurt, Wenge, etc. The instrument is fully lacquered with Nitrocellulose lacquer, both glossy and also with a Vintage finish (heirloom style). High quality hardware, under customer specifications. The pads can be made to order or also specified with the customer. 


This bass is made entirely with recycled skateboard woods and with the characteristic of being a unique design instrument due to the particularity of having skateboard decks whose designs are never repeated, either in a range of colors or designs of their manufacturers.


These instruments are specifically a manifestation of the Luthier's art in which case he decides his work. Although it can take characteristics that the client wants, such as hardware style example, pickups, or decide only the woods of the fretboard (fingerboard) or the headstock